About Us

East West Furniture, LLC is a furniture importer and wholesaler, which works to offer our customers furniture limited explicitly to the dining area; beautiful dinette sets, kitchen and dining tables and chairs, elegantly designed by the high-quality wood species, and that’s just the beginning. We also carry high-quality outdoor wooden and wicker furniture that are made with fine materials and detail touches by very skilled workers. Starting in 2020, East West Furniture, LLC will expand its product portfolio to include engineered hardwood and SPC vinyl flooring to make sure that our customers will have more choices when it comes to shopping products for their homes.

In 2006, we started building up our great company in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to introduce our products, imported from a family-owned factory abroad, to our customers in the US and Canada. Our founder established and grew East West Furniture LLC with an unobtrusive assortment of products, offering just to local retailers and customers. Today our organization conveys a very large number of dining room furniture which includes dining tables, chairs, and bar stools. We also carry variety of outdoor wooden and wicker furniture to ensure that our customers have more choices when it comes to furniture shopping. Our high-quality products have different styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and customary styles. Employing the drop-shipping business model, we are presently supplying to the many well-known retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, K-Mart, Sears, Lowes, Hayneedle, OJ Commerce and so on.

Why Choose us:

We guarantee your satisfaction with the fine craftsmanship of our well-manufactured products. Sleek design, solid structure, durable hardwood, and glossy silk smooth finishes are a couple of the signs of our finely-furnished products. At East West Furniture, unrivaled quality for our customers is guaranteed. If you are looking for creative styles, exceptional shelf-life, and mind-boggling value, our collection is just what’s meant for you!

Centrally located in Houston, Tx, East West Furniture fundamentally drop-ships to customers for e-commerce stores all throughout the U.S. If you are a retailer looking for a dependable drop-shipping supplier, think of us as a phenomenal contender for your business. We fulfil and ship your orders while you focus on all the other aspects of your business. With an extensive stock inventory and an exceptionally experienced and dedicated team, we guarantee shipping within same or next day after receiving your orders, including orders that shipped via LTL ship method. In addition, due to specializing in drop-shipping, our product packaging is of the premium standard to prevent any possible damage to the product caused by impact in shipping transit.

At East West Furniture, we take pride in our service, delivering unparalleled levels of customer satisfaction. We hope that you consider us as a candidate for your business. It would be a pleasure to work with you. If you want an efficient and reliable drop-ship supplier, please contact us. We look forward to doing business with you.

Here are the benefits of listing our products on your e-commerce websites:

  • Our dining, dinette, kitchen, and outdoor furniture are very elegant and durable. They come in different styles and sizes at very affordable and competitive in prices.
  • All orders will be processed on the same-day or next-day, including LTL orders. Fast delivery will increase your customer satisfaction.
  • Our products will enhance your portfolio with a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture which include dining sets, barstool, bedroom sets, wooden and wicker outdoor dining sets and much more. More product choices will definitely attract more customers.
  • Your customer satisfaction will be improved with our efficient and effective customer services, including swift after sales part replacement, with our over ten-year experience of drop-shipping business.
  • Our product packaging is of premium standard, which prevents any possible damage to our product in shipping transit.
  • We will provide product data feed ready to be displayed on your e-commerce website with product data sheet containing product descriptions, features, carton weight & dimensions for shipping and image URL links.
  • We update inventory feed daily to make sure stock status will be displayed accurately on your sites. Accurate inventory plays a key role in dropping business. We keep track of our inventory accurately in real-time. Cancellation and late shipment.

All that we request is for you to let us show you the brilliance of our work.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.