Why is the part of my order missing?

For big furniture sets, we shipped by LTL (Less than truckload) and the whole set should arrive at the same time. 

For other furniture items that are shipped by ground, one item can arrive in multiple boxes. For example, a table might come in two boxes, one for the table top and one for the pedestal. We always ship them out at the same time from the factory. Sometimes the boxes might get separated during transportation, please be patient and wait for a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, the ground shipping method enable us to keep the price affordable for more people. 

East West Furniture is a manufacturer, we ship out merchandise on behalf of retailers. You can contact your retailer for assistance. If you want contact us, please make sure to include information about where you purchase the products and details about your order.

How to clean wooden chairs & tables?

You can use soap and water, then some furniture polish once a month.

  • Fill the sink with water.

  • Add ½ – 1 cup of vinegar and/or a small amount of dish soap.

  • Agitate the water to mix it well.

  • Moisten the soft cloth with the water or vinegar mixture.

  • Use the cloth to wipe the table. Pay special attention to edges and any designs that may hold dirt. The vinegar and/or soap will disinfect as it removes the daily grime from meals and children.

  • Rinse the cloth with clean water.

  • Wipe the table again with a clean cloth.

  • Dry the surface with a dry, soft cloth or allow it to air dry completely.

  • Use Pledge furniture polish for shining if need

  • Do not use strong cleaning products to clean the table, for example, Windex or all-purpose cleaning products. These products may damage the table finish. 

How to clean fabric dining chairs?
  • What you will need: 

    • Liquid dish soap
    • Microfiber cloth (use light color cloth to avoid rub in the color)
    • A dark spray bottle
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Hot water
    • A bowl
    • Steam cleaning tool
  • Cleaning Process 

    • Take a bowl and add water. Add in some drops of liquid dish soap and mix them gently.
    • Wet a microfiber cloth in the water mix
    • Scrub the area that you want to clean or the whole chair. For spot clean, please be careful to not leave any solid edges around the spot. 
    • Take a dark spray bottle and add hydrogen peroxide (direct light can break down the chemicals)
    • Spray hydrogen peroxide on the affected area to be cleaned. 
    • Let the liquid sit for 10 minutes. This time can vary from fabric to fabric. Thus, it is important to check the caution warning to clean the fabric dining chair.
    • Take a clean and dry microfiber cloth or a scrub brush to clean the chair and the liquid on it.
    • Steam cleaning: Run a steam cleaning machine on the chair in a grid-like manner on the entire area. 
    • Leave the chair to dry.
How to clean leather dining chairs
  • What you will need: 

    • Duster
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Soft cloth
    • Mild detergent
    • Warm water
    • Rubbing alcohol (for faux leather only)
    • Vinegar and water solution (for real leather)
    • Empty spray bottle & Leather conditioner      
  • Cleaning Process 

    • Start with dusting using a feather duster or vacuum cleaner 
    • It is best just to do spot clean
    • Using warm water with mild detergent. Make sure to dab, do not wipe and finally pat dry. 
    • To treat stain, mold, mildew: For real leather, mix water & vinegar, spray on the affected area but do not rub. Dab the solution or allow to dry. For faux leather, use rubbing alcohol (gently and sparingly). Again, simply dab and allow to dry, do not rub in the alcohol.
    • Use a leather conditioner to keep real leather in the best condition. For faux leather, use a silicone-based spray to polish.
How to conserve fabric upholstery?
  1. Regular vacuuming: Vacuuming once a week keeps the furniture cleaner and brighter, preventing dust or crumbs from penetrating the fabric. It is best to use vacuum attachments made for upholstery. 

  2. Avoid direct sunlight: Color will fade if being exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. It is best to keep blinds and curtain closed when possible. 

  3. Do not use harsh cleaning products: for examples, products that contain

    • Bleach
    • Ammonia 
    • Stronger acids
    • Alkalis
    • Abrasive cleaning products (Cream cleaners) 
  4. Consider professional cleaning: make sure to choose a good, reputable company to protect your investment.

How to clean different types of spills?

Any spill should be treated as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to fabric

  1. Coffee and tea: 

    • Blot up as much of the spill as possible

    • Mix white and alcohol in equal part

    • Use a lint free cloth, soak in the mix and apply on the stain by gently dabbing, then press the spilled area with an absorbent cloth 

  1. Alcoholic drinks 

    • Blot up as much of the spill as possible

    • Dampen a clean, lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol (or other surgical spirit), gently dab the spilled area. 

    • Mix some liquid detergent in cold water and blot the spilled area 

    • Dry the area with a clean towel 

    • Dab again with cold water and blot dry 

  1. Soft drinks

    • Blot up as much of the spill as possible

    • Dab the spill area with water and warm glycerin 

    • Blot the area with a dry towel, then clean with cold water

  1. Chocolate, ice cream & other deserts

    • Carefully scrape away residue 

    • Spot clean with a mix of water and liquid detergent 

    • Blot dry and clean with cold water 

  1. Red wine and fruit juice

    • Blot up as much of the spill as possible

    • Dab the area with a clean lint free cloth and a mix of rubbing alcohol (or other surgical spirit) & water

  1. Greasy sauces and butter

    • Carefully scrape away residue 

    • Apply a mixture of water and liquid detergent 

    • Blot dry the area, clean using cold water 

  1. Blood

    • Blot up as much of the spill as possible, use gloves when necessary 

    • With white vinegar, blot the area again, then clean with cold water

  1. Urine

    • Remove excess spillage 

    • Using a mix of water and white vinegar, dab on the area, blotted dry

    • Treat the area using a mix of water and liquid detergent

    • Dab the area with cold water, blot dry

Why are chairs unstable after assembly?

Most cases are caused by uneven ground or wrong assembly, please check the instructions to make sure you have followed all steps correctly. Please check the left, right, front, back legs are in correct positions. Do not fully tighten all screws before finishing assembly – save this as the last step. 

Please try to loosen all the bolts on the back and the front legs, and then put some weight on the chair and tighten the bolts back. The wobbly chair may go away after these 2 simple steps.

An example of how wrong assembly might cause unstable chairs: 

Unstable chairs

Every chair leg should have the sticker C-L or C-R for right and left legs. If they are installed in the wrong position, the two side stretchers will not be parallel to the floor. The front stretcher shown in the incorrect assembly is higher than the left and right stretcher. Also, this will create wide gaps between the stretchers and chair legs. This error can be fixed easily by switching the two front legs, ones from the left position to be moved to the right and vice versa.

What’s the solution for bolts getting loose?
If the bolts become loose, then you may consider adding a thread locker (Loctite) to secure the bolts in place and that's the best way to keep the chairs sturdy.

Disclaimer: The information listed in this article represents a guideline only. Please exercise caution and spot tests when using the methods above. East West Furniture cannot accept any responsibility or claim for damage, caused by any of the above treatments.