About Us

Our Origins: Built on a Foundational Passion for Top-Notch Furniture!

 Built on a foundational passion for quality furniture, East West Furniture is an importer and distributor of home furnishing products. Established in 2006 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, we upgraded our facilities in 2018 from a 50,000-square-foot building to two warehouses totaling 170,000 square feet in Houston, Texas, which was better suited for our rapid growth. After relocating, we mindfully refocused our attention on becoming the standard for quality home furnishing products and exquisite B2B client service.

Dedicated to providing highly profitable wholesaling services, the merchandise of East West Furniture is skillfully curated by a family-owned manufacturer in Vietnam and then shipped to the United States to be distributed at excellent price points to our eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail clients. Our home furnishing products come from three main factory plants, exceeding 22 acres and providing jobs to almost one-thousand workers. First-class home furnishings we receive from our international manufacturers in Vietnam are clearly constructed with hard work and perfection in mind.

Our clients range from major online retailers from all around the United States who specialize in dropshipping as well as local brick-and-mortar shops surrounding the Houston area. Impressively, we supply wholesale furniture solutions to prominent online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Cymax, Bison Office, Hayneedle, and OJ Commerce, among many others. Our Direct Import services and Dropshipping Program are both celebrated for providing our B2B clients with superior furniture selections at a low cost, resulting in excellent conditions for business growth!

Originally, East West Furniture started out by mostly wholesaling dining furniture.  Amazingly, our business has flourished over the past 16+ years to include a wider selection. Now, our dropshipping and furniture retail clients can look forward to bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, coffee tables, end tables, barstools, and even outdoor furniture made with natural wood and wicker materials. As our industry is ever-changing, we are committed to staying ahead of the market in the aesthetic and diversified products we offer. Furthermore, we are diligent about keeping our price points at a value rate our clients cannot resist.

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Our Mission: Driven to Provide Convenient Wholesale Furniture Solutions!

Here at East West Furniture, our ongoing mission is to stay updated on today's trends in home furnishings and best practices in wholesaling and dropshipping. This way, you can always look forward to the most stylish pieces of furniture to satisfy their customers at prices that will generate the most profit for them in the end. We consider your success to be our success!

As such, we consistently brainstorm ways to reinvent our practices to be the most effective and profitable for our B2B clients. Besides offering traditional, go-to design, we strive to bring new and exciting pieces to our customers. We respect the classics while always being adaptable to what is currently popular in-home furnishings.

As a result, our clients can look forward to a wide selection at the perfect cost without having to worry about sacrificing quality. Unlike our competitors, we believe that furniture should be built to withstand the test of time. Therefore, our pieces are renowned for being durable, sturdy, and cost-effective investments.

 Our Values: Sustainably Setting the Standard for Style and Quality!

In addition to caring about our client’s success, we are passionate about enacting eco-friendly business practices that contribute to a more sustainable future and healthy planet. With the majority of our products being manufactured from recycled rubber trees, we are proud of our long-lasting products that come from ethically sourced materials.

Along with our dedication to sustainable practices, we are diligent about conducting business in a responsible, lawful, and ethical manner. Our team of experts are adamant about following local and global laws and policies. Moreover, we are recognized for our honest and transparent conduct with our B2B clients as well as our associates.

Our Promise: Driving Profits Through Long-Lasting and Sustainable Products

To our B2B clients, it is our promise to keep your end goal in mind— making a profit while satisfying customers. We have a variety of strategies in place to ensure that we keep that promise, too. First and foremost, we only manufacture furniture that is made from real, long-lasting wood without any harmful chemicals. Our experts know the real importance wood plays in the longevity of the pieces we create and, therefore, the long-term satisfaction of your customers.

In addition, we save you money by importing top-notch home furnishings straight from our factories and to the United States. Where our competitors have to deal with messy outsourcing agents and sales representatives, we managed to cut out those "middlemen." This means more money in the pockets of our loyal wholesale clients. Not only is our Dropshipping Program set up with your success in mind, but it has been proven to save our wholesale clients time and money. Our timely deliveries are also renowned for assisting our clients in retaining customers.

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