East West Furniture - Direct Import Program

What is Direct Importing?

Direct importing refers to the process of purchasing furniture with large volumes in each container at deep discounted costs for the retailer. The direct import purchase order by retailers will then be manufactured and shipped directly from the oversea supplier’s manufacturer to the retailer’s warehouses.

When items are bulk purchased, this method saves retailers both shipping costs and provides deep discounts on products. As there is no middleman, there are no additional costs for sales representative commission fees or the additional burden of high distributor profit.

While importing can be quite effective in growing a business, it has a reputation for coming with its own challenges for small retail companies.

Common Direct Import Challenges For Small Retail Businesses:

  • Long-Distance Travel: Traveling long distances to other countries to look for qualified and experienced manufacturers to source quality products can be quite expensive.
  • Large Order Quantities: Oftentimes, manufacturers require businesses to order large quantities of products up front with restrictions on one product per container or requirements to purchase two containers of the same product. Not only is this expensive, but it also means you may have a huge inventory build-up that is stuck in the warehouse for a long period of time. These tight restrictions on how much you have to order can add up!
  • Quality Control Team: Forming a quality control Team Overseas that monitors the manufacturing process and making sure the products are fabricated correctly at every production step is another complication and expense that often comes with working with overseas manufacturers. In addition, while dealing with overseas factories, you lose control of auditing the quality of products you receive.
  • Long Turnaround Times: Typical manufacturers have long lead times when it comes to curating ordered products. It’s common for retailers to wait up to 2 ½ months before the products they ordered are available to be shipped.
  • Complicated Logistics: To work with oversea manufacturers often means having to become well-versed in the logistics, importation regulations, and foreign trade compliance processes. These policies are often difficult to navigate and take time to understand. In a world where time is money, that’s an inconvenience that can become quite costly!

Here at East West Furniture, we understand that working with oversea manufacturers can be ill-timed and expensive for small furniture retailers. As such, we have created our Direct Importing Program to suit the needs of our clients. We understand that not every business has the funds to purchase massive amounts of products at one point.

In addition, we are mindful that the inconveniences of communicating directly with overseas manufacturers and figuring out foreign trade compliance processes can be overwhelming and time-consuming. For small retailers, direct importing through East West Furniture is a superior option to scale your business and ensure customer satisfaction!

The Benefits of Direct Importing with East West Furniture

Since direct importing cuts out unneeded intermediaries, East West Furniture clients have the edge over their competitors as they experience quicker turnaround times and lower costs for extraordinary quality.

Direct importing is a great approach for businesses that are looking to purchase home furnishings directly from a knowledgeable manufacturer rather than through random intermediaries or distributors across the world. This method of sourcing through East West Furniture can offer a number of benefits, including lower costs, greater control over product quality, faster delivery times, and increased product selection.

We've done the research, so you don't have to! Here are the top benefits to direct importing with East West furniture:

Easy Start-Up: We make the journey of direct importing an easy and seamless process for our clients. Not only is our U.S.-based customer service unmatched by any other, but you can look forward to support and clear directions from beginning to end.

No Quality Control Team Needed: Here at East West Furniture, we have our own quality control team of highly experienced professionals to manage every step of production. As such, you can rely on our team to make furniture quality our highest priority!

Smaller Order Requirements: While you may be used to being required to order only one product per container or even two containers of each product, our East West Furniture team is happy to allow you to order up to 6 products per container! This means that you don’t have to come up with as much starting capital to participate in direct importing. You can order less of each product and have fewer worries about having to store massive amounts of products until they’re finally sold. We’re dedicated to keeping as much money as possible in your pocket for the longevity of your business!

Reduced Costs: By cutting out the "middlemen," retailers can expect to see huge reduced costs while working with East West Furniture. In addition, we pass on savings to our customers by reducing shipping costs, which are quite expensive through normal manufacturers. You can then pass on these savings to your customers, generating retention and business growth.

Increased Profitability: By cutting out intermediaries, direct importing through East West Furniture can result in higher profit margins for the retailer. You can use these savings to invest in the growth of your own dropshipping, eCommerce, or brick-and-mortar business. Or, you can extend those savings to your customers!

Swift Delivery: We stock most of our products in our huge warehouses at our factories, and they are ready to ship whenever the order is received from retailers. There’s no waiting time for the products to be produced, which means your customers can receive their deliveries at much quicker rates!

Increased Flexibility: Direct importing with us allows our client retailers to be more diverse with their product offerings, as you can work with our East West Furniture team to hand-select what you know your customers value most in furniture.

Diverse Product Selection: Direct importing with East West Furniture can also provide you access to a wider selection of products. Retailers are able to select up to 6 products per container, which tremendously reduces the capital investment for the stock inventory.

Stronger Business Relationships: By working directly with us, you can anticipate building a strong business relationship that will benefit your business in the long run. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working alongside a company that values honesty, transparency, and strong business relationships.

Uniquely Customized Product: By working with East West Furniture, you can request specific materials, designs, or features that may not be available through traditional distribution channels. This can be particularly useful for furniture retailers looking to differentiate their home furnishing products.

Highly Convenient: As we are a United States furniture importer and distributor, you can effectively avoid the inevitable hassle that comes with oversea sourcing. This includes handling foreign law and currency regulations, clearing customers, finding transportation, and many other frustrations.

Compared to other methods of obtaining and delivering home furnishings, direct importing with East West Furniture comes with a plethora of benefits. By working with us for your direct import needs, you’ll experience a heightened sense of peace and convenience.

From our extensive experience in the furniture industry and our spot-one U.S.-based customer service to our in-house quality control (QC), we are ready to help your business reach new heights. As a furniture retailer, you can relax knowing that you are the capable hands of a manufacturer and distributor who has your business's best interests in mind.

Let’s Get Started!

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Feel good about the products you are selling your customers, knowing that East West Furniture only distributes home furnishings made out of real wood that is sustainably sourced. Since we are committed to providing our associates fair compensation and fulfilling workplace culture, you can rest assured knowing that your products were built in ethical environments.

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